DOB Equity invests growth capital in financially sustainable African businesses that positively contribute to a more social and sustainable society


What we do

DOB Equity invests long-term equity and can underwrite debt of selected portfolio companies.

DOB Equity provides business support that adds value and growth to portfolio companies. Growth can be achieved organically, and where appropriate, through a buy-and-build strategy.

DOB Equity is a genuine long-term business partner of management teams and entrepreneurs and is committed to providing active support throughout the life of the investment. DOB Equity exits investments when its contribution to the growth of the company has been accomplished.


DOB Equity is pleased to announce it has completed an investment in Joseph Initiative Ltd. an agricultural trading company that aims to improve efficiencies in the maize supply chain benefiting thousands of Ugandan farmers. The funding will be used to expand Joseph Initiative’s processing and storage facilities in Western Uganda. Joseph ...